Visit a Rehearsal

Sing again: Get your voice back

As the pandemic winds down, performance groups of all types are getting back together and preparing for what they love best – performance!

Stone Mountain Chorus is no exception. We have started rehearsing in person again, and boy is it great to be back in business!

As we re-experience the joy of singing together, not to mention the fun of just being together again, we think of all those out there who have been “bottled up” for the past year, unable to socialize and interact with others. Here’s an idea – why not be our guest and join us at a rehearsal?

Did you ever dream of sharing your voice and performing for others? Maybe you “used to sing” or “always wanted to be in a singing group.” Maybe you enjoy church choir but want to try something different. Perhaps you miss the fun and camaraderie of a high school or college singing group. Or maybe you just want to get out there and experience something new.

Why not give singing with Stone Mountain Chorus a chance? Rehearsals are Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church in the Choir Room. Enter the door on top of the stairs in the back of the church and go downstairs.  Elevator access is from the front of the church. If you want to check us out virtually, you can join a rehearsal by Zoom with this link:

Join us and “Come Have the Time of Your Life!”

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