Weekly Rehearsal

7:00pm, Tue, Feb 21 2023

Event Details
Type of event: Rehearsal
Start time: 7:00pm
End time: 9:30pm
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:00pmWarm-ups 15Justin Han 
7:15pmRehearse songDanny Boy (E♭)20Justin HanContest song - with new intro
7:35pmRehearse songBring Back Those Good Old Days (B♭)15Justin HanContest song
7:50pmTeach song 15Justin HanLearn and sing a Tag
8:05pmRehearse songUnder The Boardwalk (A♭)20Justin Han 
8:25pmBreak 15 Good news and announcements
8:40pmRehearse songSweet Caroline (C)15Justin Han 
8:55pmRehearse songThe Longest Time (E♭)20Justin Han 
9:15pmRehearse songCountry Roads (A♭)10Justin Han 
9:25pmClosing songKeep The Whole World Singing (E♭)5Justin Han 
Program Duration: 150 minutes; Finish time: 9:30pm